In this unprecedented time of uncertainty and with businesses struggling all around us, one common theme has risen to the fore…  South Africans are feeling patriotic again, and their interest in local product is on the rise and very strong at the moment.  If you haven’t yet,  join the Facebook Group


The common theme is obviously how to sustain tourism in Africa by supporting local businesses, and that WE WILL SURVIVE and WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER.

Thankfully this group is well mediated and no self-promotion, negative, political or racist comments will be tolerated.  Only positive comments, and helpful industry tips and community assistance is accepted.  Join the Group if you wish, and look at what people and local businesses are doing to promote local buying decisions!

Fun Fact – Did you know?

HTI is 100% South African born and bred, and these strong and powerful roots have laid the foundation for what is a truly great local success story!

The founder of HTI, James Montgomery, installed the very first Property Management System ever in South Africa…  Impressive, to say the least. It was the Holiday Inn, Durban in 1980, I believe!  So we have certainly endured and we hope to withstand even the most intense global economic and pandemic crisis!

As South Africans, we are a powerful nation that knows nothing of lying down, but rather of how to endure, particularly in the face of adversity!