PlusPoint Point of Sale & Stock Control Software for Hotels and Lodges

PlusPoint POS & Stock Control is ideally suited for any size hotel, lodge or resort offering powerful inventory management.  Do you plan on offering central purchasing?

Developed and supported locally, PlusPoint is affordable and caters for all users based on their user rights and access level required to use the product optimally.

PlusPoint is your ideal food and beverage management application, suitable for hotel F&B operations, restaurants and pubs.  PlusPoint is user friendly and offers comprehensive stock control management – with daily, weekly or monthly stock-takes.

NebulaPOS Cloud Native – Android and iOS (COMING SOON)


Exceptional Stock Control

PlusPoint’s Stock Control makes it easy and efficient to manage your establishment, with ease and with minimal administration.  Capture stock items only once, and indicate where they are to be sold, and which store to reduce the stock from.

Manage Requisitions (available in POS for convenience during service), Ordering and Issues as well as Reductions, Sales and everything in between to ensure accurate, auditable systems that can help your business detect theft and optimize revenue.

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PlusPoint Stock Control for Restaurants and Bars

Easy to use POS with Picture Buttons

Point of Sale Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

Easy to use POS with Picture Buttons for all users and fast adoption

Stock Control for Professional F&B Managers and restaurant owners

Try our Cashless Environment module to streamline your operation

Familiar Look and Feel

PlusPoint is a Windows application that can run off single or multiple workstations, turning your operation into an efficient POS and Stock control environment. With the unique use of ‘picture buttons’ and an ‘all on one screen’ design, the system is extremely user friendly and configuration is simple and easily transferable between stores and outlets.

Flexibility of the system allows for use with either keyboard, mouse or touch screen for input. PlusPoint POS along with PlusPoint Stock Control offers a professional Food and Beverage Solution.

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Room Charge Posting (PMS Integration)

Easily generate function sheets, with minute to minute scheduling of all events, break-away sessions, tea breaks etc. Apex produces exceptional event detail, accommodation booking detail, resources required (per event and per room), food menu charges (integrated with F&B) and unlimited editable correspondence letters

PlusPoint Charge Routing

Spa Module

Integrated Spa solution for hotels and resorts that wish to integrate their
Spa operations to Front Office.  This makes for a more efficient and seamless
guest experience as it enables the Spa to post charges to Front Office from their Spa POS.

Use PlusSpa to track treatment schedules and to alert therapists when they have
appointments in the Spa.  Manage commissions on their treatments, as well as
stock levels on equipment and resources within the Spa.

The obvious benefits of integration will assist any Spa operation and will allow
your therapists to focus on the guest experience, our ultimate
objective in building integrated hospitality technologies.

PlusPoint Spa

Member Accounts

Another powerful advantage of the offering lends itself to golf clubs, sports clubs and other establishments that wish to offer a Membership module, that keeps track of outstanding accounts.  The system automatically sends Member Statements when required and allows for credit limits to be captured on specific accounts, turning your POS environment into a powerful, cashless environment.

PlusPoint Membership module
  • Member Accounts, Member Statements, Credit Limits and More. Ideal for Golf Courses and Clubs

Zapper Integration – (Mobile Payments Solution)

Use Zapper?

Fingertip Management of your Business

Reporting and BI Tools

PlusPoint offers management reporting, ranging from revenue and stats, to variance reports and fine-grained stock control, required by any professional F&B manager.  This is to ensure auditability of your establishment and comprises over 100 financial, management and operational reports. This means more relevant and focussed reporting with all data points required to manage your property and your forecasting requirements with ease.

Ask us how this can assist you and your business, both in terms of financial management as well as improve your day to day operational efficiency, including par stock levels, best seller reports, outlet stats and other reports for fingertip management of your business.

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