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tablet pms for hotels and lodges

Cloud-based Hotel Booking Software – NebulaCRS and Channel Management

NebulaCRS – Cloud-based Central Reservations
and Channel Management

HTI is committed to building World Class hotel booking software and other applications for the hospitality industry, and we are planning to have a fully integrated cloud suite.

eRes Central Reservations (CRS) is HTI’s flagship product.  Nebula will succeed eRes in the Global CRS space and we aim to deliver a complete cloud suite in the reservations, channel management and food and beverage and stock control sector of the industry.

  • Call Centre (Powered by eRes)*
  • Management Dashboard
  • Rates Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Channel Management*
  • Revenue Management*
  • Reporting Tools*
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NebulaPMS – Cloud-based

NebulaPMS is a cloud-based application to be added to the stable of products developed and hosted by HTI.

NebulaPMS offers powerful Hotel Booking and PMS functionality, in a secure and efficient cloud-based PMS environment.

The application is hosted and provides resilience, security and daily backups.  Save on IT costs and infrastructure and move to the cloud with HTI today!

tablet pms for hotels and lodges
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Why Cloud – with NebulaPMS?

Less hassle with IT infrastructure, and leave application and environmental support to us!  We also ensure all features and functionality are available in a single supported version of the software.  This means quicker access by our application and technical support structures and improved maintenance of the application.

With basic connectivity required and a simple backup solution, you will have less issues with on-site IT support and infrastructure requirements.  You can then also access your Property Management System from anywhere

NebulaPMS is also Multi-property!   This means for any size chain, cloud is now a reality and will provide seamless access to your PMS from HQ.

  • Cloud-based PMS
  • Management Dashboard
  • Integrated Channel Management
  • Multi-Property PMS
  • Enterprise PMS Features
  • User Rights Driven
  • Tablet Friendly

Nebula POS – Native Android and iOS
(Coming Soon)

NebulaPOS is a native Point of Sale app offering secure native features, and ease of use.  We look forward to showing you more about the product in the coming months, so drop us a line below and we will be in touch!

  • Native Point of Sale
  • Android and iOS Devices
  • Register with Google or Facebook
  • Web Printing Enabled
  • Efficiency Defined
  • User Rights Driven

Cloud POS for Android and iOS, as well as a POS & Stock Web App for desktop users and for administration.  We will keep in touch with release dates and the anticipated launch date for NebulaPOS and any ancillary modules, so drop us a line!

nebulapos for mobile and web app
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SaaS (Software as a Solution) for Tomorrow’s Hotelier!

Central Reservations and
Channel Management

Multi-property Cloud PMS
for Hotels & B&B’s

Native Point of Sale
(Android and iOS)