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NebulaCRS is a Real-time Inventory and Rates Management Platform

eRes CRS is HTI’s leading web-based central reservations and distribution platform.  eRes has recently been succeeded by NebulaCRS, a browser-based Inventory and Rates (ARI) management application.  NebulaCRS allows you to manage real-time rates and availability for any size establishment.  Distribute via NebulaCRS to a multitude of on-line sales channels (Real-time Channel Management), On-line Travel Agents (OTA’s) and Tour Operators.

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BookNow is HTI’s Fully Integrated Internet Booking Engine (IBE)

BookNow is your very own internet booking engine for, integrated to various payment gateways and is ideal for any size individual properties as well as hotel chains (multi-property booking engine).

BookNow was also chosen by Google Hotel Ads as their first technology partner in Africa, so join now if you are not already taking part in the Google Hotel Ads program.  Check out our demo site by clicking here!

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What is your Optimal  Channel Mix?

Interface seamlessly to over 100 local and international channels via the eRes CRS product suite.  With the advent of the on-line marketplace and the proliferation of the OTA’s, Bedbanks, and a multitude of alternative sales channels, Channel Management as become an essential piece in the puzzle.  HTI interfaces to various leading Channel Managers, and provides Direct Connects to the major OTA’s, Local Tour Operators and the GDS

Channel Management

Apex On-premise PMS

Apex PMS is your complete property management system with exceptional front of house
functionality with a friendly and familiar ‘look and feel’ for ease of use.
Apex provides world class management tools and is suitable for any size Hotel,
Guest House, Boutique Hotel, Lodge or Resort.

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On-premise OR are you Looking for a cloud solution?

NebulaPMS – Cloud-based PMS

NebulaPMS is the latest cloud-based application to be added to the stable of products developed and hosted by HTI.  NebulaPMS offers powerful and typical PMS functionality, in a secure cloud-based PMS environment.  All applications are hosted and we provide resilience, security and daily backups.  Save on IT costs and infrastructure and move to the cloud today!

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Point of Sale & Stock Control

PlusPoint POS & Stock Control is suited for any size hotel, lodge or resort offering
powerful inventory management.  Developed and supported locally,
PlusPoint is affordable and caters for all users based on their user rights
and access level required to use the product optimally.

PlusPoint POS is an ideal food and beverage application suitable for hotels,
F&B operations, restaurants and pubs.  PlusPoint is user friendly and offers
groups flexible and powerful central purchasing functionality as well
as a friendly daily, weekly or monthly stock-take feature.

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On-premise OR are you Looking for a cloud solution?

NebulaPOS for Android and iOS

NebulaPOS is being developed for the next generation F&B establishment and is due for release in the coming months…

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inMotion for Boats

inMotion now enables you to manage cabins on boats and luxury yachts, by deck / section and sell these accordingly.  These cabins can be sold separately for various legs of a trip, or as a round-trip. inMotion manages cruises based on a pre-defined schedule, agent allocations and run of house, for optimal revenue management, even in this space…

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