Google Hotel Ads Partner Program

Hospitality Technology International has been selected by Google as the first integration partner in Africa (#GooglePartner).  For increased direct bookings and payment options via your own corporate website, take part in the cost per click OR cost per acquisition program via Google Hotel Ads.  We are proud to announce that BookNow is now a certified partner.

Currently we can offer clients either a cost per click or cost per acquisition (including cancellations) model to attract more users via Google Hotel Ads.  Along with your organic and search engine marketing efforts, Google Hotel Ads will target users searching in your geographic region for hotels and lodges.  This is a cheap way to compete with the big OTA’s that have large CPC budgets and will always appear alongside your brand on Google.

How Does it Work?

Take part in the ‘Auction’ that is Google Hotel Ads!

Google Hotel Ads is NOT like Google Adwords with respect to bidding for terms and keywords.  Google Hotel Ads simply ensures your direct booking engine is available when Google displays your hotel information during the guests research and discovery journey.  This is particularly relevant to your location!  Google displays Hotel Ads based on your geography, if this is relevant to the search that is being performed…  Google Hotel Ads will display when searching for an area and will display a Google map, with hotels and rates, as well as 3 hotels (First 3 SERP results – related to your unpaid SEO ranking – see below!) that are relevant to the search criteria.

Google Hotel Ads Section – First Page of Google Search!

Google will display prices in the Google Maps and Hotel Ads section (via, and other OTA’s) in order to complete the transaction (see the ‘What is Google Hotel Ads’ video at the bottom of this page).

This is displayed on the first page of any search that might be relevant to your hotel or lodge – based on your location…  Location is a key determining factor when it comes to displaying your ad and this is determined by the users search criteria.  For example, if the user searches for ‘Hotels in Johannesburg’ you can see what is displayed below?

See the example below…

What to Consider!

Do you want your direct channel to be visible when a guest is searching for hotels in your geographical region?  Then you must be on Google Hotel Ads.  All other channels are on Google HA and so you can compete effectively with them for a relatively low CPC or CPA!

Or when searching for a specific hotel, Google will display Hotel Ads in your Google My Business section, amongst all other rates available via the OTA’s.  Make sure your Booking Engine is also displayed – provided by HTI and BookNow.

Hotel specific Google Hotel Ad Auction

Competitive Rates

One of the key factors when partaking in the metasearch space, is to be competitive on price.  There is very little chance of competing with the large OTA’s in terms of cost per click (cpc).  Hence, logically you need to ensure your rates are competitive and that the guest clicks through to BookNow.  This way you will own the guest, before they are lured by one of the big travel sites…

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Or, for more information, watch this short video…

An Intro to Google Hotel Ads

Hotel specific Google Hotel Ad Auction

Your Google My Business Page…

Your Brand Equity is at Stake!

Claim your rightful place amongst your partner channels, because at the end of the day, they are your rooms to sell.  Your Brand must be front and centre and this is achievable by branding with your very own logo / icon.  See above for an example of adding your company icon to Google Hotel Ads…

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