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Remote Support (for now…)

Based on the latest chaos around the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), HTI has decided to practice social distancing and as such all consultants are working remotely, and are in self-isolation. This is to fast track the flattening of the curve of the virus and hopefully the rest of the country follows suit in order to help bring this under control.

This is a temporary measure, so in the meantime, please log all calls via the on-line help centre…

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NebulaCRS – Working with you to make it better!

Over the last few years, Nebula CRS has been a steady migration of most of the legacy modules to allow our customers to experience a world class modern Central Reservations System (CRS).  This process, by design, was an evolution that allowed Nebula CRS to co-exist with eRes at clients – and allow users the choice […]

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Nebula Suite – Cloud Hospitality!

This is not our first rodeo wrt Cloud Computing, and as HTI is arguably the largest hospitality software development house in Africa, we embarked on this journey some time ago.

eRes CRS was our first web-based instance of hospitality software and has been a leading CRS solution for many years.  We are slowly putting eRes to […]

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Turn Lookers into Bookers

In today’s high paced global economy, there is little time to linger on sites with little or no incentive to finalize your buying objective. Hence, you need to offer various points of engagement whereby the guest or agent has instant access to numerous rates, specials and even negotiated or confidential rates via your easy to […]

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Mobile Friendly Booking Engine

HTI prides itself on being a hospitality company that has delved into the world of technology to provide world class products for our customers.

However, lately we find ourselves delving more and more into the wonders of what technology can offer instead of remaining simple and playing it safe… We are trying to find ways to […]

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London, Here we Come!

Some recent developments at HTI mean that the company will be branching out and establishing a presence in The United Kingdom. Andre Richards, one of our Directors and the chief architect of eRes, HTI’s flagship product, will be re-locating to London, in the UK. Here he will establish a presence on behalf of the company […]

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Montgomery Leaves a Legacy

It is with great sadness that we are informing the industry of the passing away of James Montgomery earlier this year. James passed away at the age of 72 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 2013. James was a pioneer in the South African hotel software industry and imported and installed the first […]

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HTI at HEDNA 2013

HTI was in Edinburgh in June to attend the annual HEDNA Spring Conference. Rory Montgomery (Director, Marketing & Sales) was in attendance and as always found it to be valuable and informative. The main agenda items were as follows:

– The Rise of Meta Search and the future of the Meta sites such as Trivago, TripAdvisor, […]

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eRes in Espanol

eRes goes Loco! Not only English any more, subsequent to completing the Spanish translation process for the European region. HTI has translated the product into Spanish to accommodate a very large Group client in Spain (200 Properties). The product has been well accepted in the region and due to our flexibility as an […]

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It’s Your Choice!

HTI spent over a year developing standard integration tools that the industry can use more easily to interface your group or properties inventory and rates to the multitude of online channels there are available. We called this integration product – eResConnect. Makes sense, doesn’t it? What this offers you, the client, is […]

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eRes Next Generation

HTI has begun working on our next generation CRS application, built for the browser. The project is a large one and will be a migration of various features and modules over time to limit the impact on existing eRes clients.

The application aims to empower both the group administration team as well as offer powerful tools […]

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